Keynote Speaker 2017

Dr. Meghan Duffy

Associate Professor
University of Michigan, Ann Arbor

"Multihost-multipathogen Interactions & Ecosystem-disease Linkages in Lake Daphnia"



About the Duffy Lab:

Our research lies at the interface of ecology and evolutionary biology, and uses a combination of field, lab, and theoretical studies. Much of the research in the lab focuses on the causes and consequences of parasitism in natural populations, especially in lake populations of Daphnia.

About Me:

I received my B.S. in Biological Sciences from Cornell University in 2000. After a brief stint working as a field technician in Antarctica, I moved to the Kellogg Biological Station and Michigan State University for graduate school. I received my Ph.D. in zoology and ecology, evolutionary biology and behavior from MSU in 2006. From there, I moved to the University of Wisconsin for my postdoctoral research, which was supported by an NSF postdoctoral fellowship in biological informatics. From 2008-2012, I was an assistant professor in the School of Biology at Georgia Tech. I joined the EEB faculty at the University of Michigan in August 2012.