FRSES 2011 - Photo Contest

2011 Photo Contest Winners

Best Overall Best Landscape
San Luis Valley, Colorado Poison Spider trail, Moab, Utah
Name: Kelly Hopping
Location: Nam Tso, Tibet
Date: July 2010
Caption:  A young neighbor is happy to help relocate pikas to areas outside of our experiment.
  Name: Sarah Bisbing
Location: Patrick's Point State Park, California
Date: September 2010
Caption: Two weeks of solo sampling was well worth it, ending with this tranquil sampling mission in coastal forests.
Best Research-in-Action Best Study Organism
Shortgrass Steppe LTER site Rainbow Scarab (Phaneaus vindex)
Name: Todd Reeves
Location: Kaibab Plateau, Arizona
Date: June 2010
Caption:  I was fortunate to be part of an experienced team of scientists monitoring Northern Goshawks on the Kaibab Plateau, AZ. Juvenile NOGO's nesting 70' high in a ponderosa pine. The birds are lowered, studied and banded, and returned to their nest in a matter of minutes.
  Name: Kate Schoenecker
Location: San Luis Valley, Colorado
Date:  November 2007
Caption: Elk capture and radio-collaring by helicopter netgunning in Great Sand Dunes ecosystem, Colorado.


More 2011 Photo Contest Entries:

Green crab (Carcinus maenas)   skiff milvetch (Astragalus microcymbus)   black-footed ferret
Name: Aleshia Fremgen
Location: Gothic, Colorado
Date: June 2010
Caption: Ants tending aphids (Aphis valerianae) on edible valerian (Valeriana edulis).
  Name: Ali Urza
Location: Logging Lake, Glacier National Park, Montana
Date: July 2010
Caption: The morning commute.
  Name: Amber Shanklin
Location: Estes Park, CO
Date: August 2010
Caption: The Restoration Ecology Lab crew members identifying newly germinated forbs and grasses during a beautiful day in the Arapahoe-Roosevelt National Forest just south of Estes Park.
Rock Glacier near Aspen, CO   Black Dragon Canyon, Utah   Black Hills, South Dakota
Name: Anine Smith
Location:Wind Cave NP, SD
Date: September 2009
Caption: Elk steal away through a cloudy fall dawn.
  Name: Anna Mangan
Location: Lory State Park, Bellvue CO.
Date: October 2010
Caption: One of the Front Range mountain lions walking toward the sunrise atop Lory State Park. This photograph is from a montion and heat sensor camera in a nearby tree.
  Name: Benjamin Gannon
Location: Cordillera Central, Dominican Republic
Date: July 2010
Caption:  Bonsai Sunset.
Rock Glacier near Aspen, CO   Black Dragon Canyon, Utah   Black Hills, South Dakota
Name: Brooke Osborne
Location: Brooklyn Lake, Aspen
Date: August 2009
Caption: Brooklyn Lake in Late Summer.
  Name: Byambagerel Suran
Location: Selenge province, Mongolia
Date: July 2010
Caption: Scots pine.
  Name: Christa Fettig
Location: Livingston, Montana
Date: July 2010
Caption:  Grasshopper (family acrididae) on black henbane (Hyoscyamus niger) just north of Gallatin National Forest in Montana.
Rock Glacier near Aspen, CO   Black Dragon Canyon, Utah   Black Hills, South Dakota
Name: Connor Jandreau
Location: Resurrection Bay, Seward, Alaska
Date: July 2010
Caption:  Once upon a time, while on a sail boating venture...
  Name: Daniel Deisenroth
Location: Poudre River, Fort Collins, Colorado
Date: August 2010
Caption: Data Collection.
  Name: Darren Epperson
Location: Parkville, MO.
Date: March 2010
Caption:  Female Gray Squirrel, measured, tagged and fitted with a transmitter collar. She is anxiously awaiting her release.
Rock Glacier near Aspen, CO   Black Dragon Canyon, Utah   Black Hills, South Dakota
Name: David McKenzie
Location: Glacier National Park, Montana
Date: August 2007
Caption:  Smoke over St. Mary Lake.
  Name: Derek Schook
Location: Yellowstone National Park
Date: July 2010
Caption: A pair of butterflies delicately refuel atop a Canada thistle at one of my wetland study sites.
  Name: Eric Gangloff
Location: Denver, Colorado
Date: June 2009
Caption:  This Plains Garter Snake (Thamnophis radix) shows his surprise at being handled by a large mammal.
Rock Glacier near Aspen, CO   Black Dragon Canyon, Utah   Black Hills, South Dakota
Name: Harshad Kulkarni
Location: Kolhapur, India
Date: February 2009
Caption:  Lake Eutrophication : Visible Impact of Nutrients in Water Resources.
  Name: Jennifer Jones
Location:Sequoia National Park
Date: July 2009
Caption: Eriophorum crinigerum is a species endemic to the California Floristic Province. The common name of this genus, cotton grass or bog wool, comes from the numerous, silky-textured floral parts that likely aid in seed dispersal.
  Name: Jessica Salo
Location: Rocky Mountain National Park
Date: August 2010
Caption:  An early start to field work allows a glimpse of the moon.
Rock Glacier near Aspen, CO   Black Dragon Canyon, Utah   Black Hills, South Dakota
Name: Jordan Butler
Location: Kenya
Date: February 2010
Caption:  A photo of Mt. Kilimanjaro with a boma in the foreground taken from our bush camp site.
  Name: Kristen Kaczynski
Location: CSU greenhouse
Date: December 2010
Caption: Fruiting Cytospora sp. infection on a willow stem.
  Name: Lindsy Ciepiela
Location: Chignik, Alaskac
Date: July 2010
Caption:  Taking temperature measurements and scoping the shore in preperation for beach seining.
Rock Glacier near Aspen, CO   Black Dragon Canyon, Utah   Black Hills, South Dakota
Name: Michael Tounzen
Location: Park University's forest, Parkville, Missouri
Date: March 2010
Caption:  Radio collaring a grey squirrel after restraining it in between two canvas bags.
  Name: Rebecca Bryan
Location: Rock Creek Farm/Marilyn Holmberg Preserve, Boulder CO, Colorado
Date: July 2010
Caption: 'sup? Two juvenile black-tailed prairie dogs stand at attention as we drag a toy rubber snake through the colony. We were recording their vocal responses to simulated predator stimuli.
  Name: Russell Auwae
Location: Laupahoehoe, HI
Date: August 2009
Caption:  The reward after a long day of collecting field measurements.
Rock Glacier near Aspen, CO   Black Dragon Canyon, Utah   Black Hills, South Dakota
Name: Taylor Barnes
Location: Pingree Park, CO
Date: August 2010
Caption:  Taken just southwest of Twin Lakes in early morning.
  Name: Undram Makhval
Location: Arkhangai, Mongolia
Date: July 2010
Caption: A herd of horses are cooling them down in a lake during a hot day in Arkhangai province, Mongolia.
  Name: Kate Wilkins
Location: Monte Vista National Wildlife Refuge, San Luis Valley, Colorado
Date: March 2010
Caption:  Elk herd passes through Sandhill crane foraging site on the refuge.
Rock Glacier near Aspen, CO        
Name: Wyatt Williams
Location: Monteverde Cloud Forest, Costa Rica
Date: November 2010
Caption: Golden Scarab
Hayman fire on a frosty fall morning   A momma wolf spider (family: Lycosidae)  
Name: Baili Foster
Location: Camp Guernsey, Wyoming
Date: July 2010
Caption: "Invading Camp Guernsey" - the REL crew attempts to find native species buried deep in the Melilotus officinalis stand.
  Name: Chad Young
Location: Mt. Evans
Date: May 2010
Caption: Snow Tracks
  Name: Marcella Fremgen
Location: 401 Trail, near Gothic, Gunnison County, CO
Date: July 2010
Caption:  Heartleaf bittercress (Cardamine cordifolia) in a spring-fed spring along the 401 trail in summer.