FRSES 2012 - Photo Contest

2012 Photo Contest Winners

Best Overall Best Study Organism
Arren Sarah
Name: Arren Mendezona Allegretti
Location: Cebu, Philippines
Date: June 2009
Caption: I took this photo as soon as I surfaced from my skin dive where I had observed fishers do muro-ami -an illegal fishing method where fishers pound the corals with rocks to scare fish into a net. As soon as the fishers realized that I was watching them, they dove back up to their boats and quickly paddled away in the early morning sun.
  Name: Sara McLaughlin
Location: Hyalite Canyon, MT
Date: August 2011
Caption: A bold pika at our long term monitoring site near Bozeman, Montana
Best Research-in-Action Best Landscape
Jessica Salo Courtney Camola
Name: Jessica Salo
Location: Fort Collins, CO
Date: 2012
Caption: The cost of a trail: A GIS layer showing the relative cost to create a hypothetical trail in Rocky Mountain National Park.
  Name: Courtney Gomola
Location: Lower Lake, CA
Date: February 2010
Caption: After a soaking winter rain, the fog begins to settle down in the blue-oak woodlands of Northern California


More 2012 Photo Contest Entries:

Ali Urza   Andrea H   Rebecca Bryan
Name: Ali Urza
Location: Medicine Bow National Forest, WY
Date: September 2011
Caption: Lil Scout is worn out after a long day helping me study aspen in the Sierra Madre Mountains in Wyoming
  Name: Chelsea Beebe
Location: Green Mountain, Lakewood, CO
Date: June 2010
Caption: April showers bring May flowers
  Name: Rebecca Bryan
Location: Pawnee National Grasslands
Date: July 2011
Caption: Little House on the Prairie
Andrea Borkenhagen   Reilly Dibner   Amanda Hardy
Name: Andrea Borkenhagen
Location: Fen in Fort McMurray, Alberta, Canada
Date: May 1, 2011
Caption: Fen Sphagnum
  Name: Reilly Dibner
Location: 7 miles east of Rock River, WY
Date: August 2011
Caption: A greater short-horned lizard contemplates her next move.
  Name: Amanda Hardy
Location: Grand Teton National Park, Moose, WY
Date:September 2010
Caption: Shadows of people watching a bull moose from the Snake River Bridge in Grand Teton National Park. This image demonstrates how infrastructure, people, habitat and wildlife can interact, providing opportunities to safely watch wildlife that have become tolerant or habituated to frequent and predictable human activities.
Laura Dev   Derek Schook   David Scott
Name: Laura Dev
Location: Nam Tso, Tibet
Date: August 2011
Caption: This photo was taken late at night on the Tibetan Plateau during a break in a 24-hour session of carbon flux measurements. Although it was dark, the long exposure (20 seconds) allows you to see the details of the landscape as well as the stars in the sky; the light in the foreground is a hut belonging to a semi-nomadic herding family that lives next to our field site.
  Name: Derek Schook
Location: Konza Prairie Biological Station, KS
Date: June 2006
Caption: Sunrise on the prairie
  Name: David Scott
Location: Williams Creek Valley, San Juan Mountains, CO
Date: August 2011
Caption: It is a tough time to be an Engelmann spruce (Picea engelmannii) in the San Juan Mountains. The subalpine forest there is experiencing massive changes that will last for decades or longer.
Andrea Hassler   Nell   Kristen Kaczynski
Name: Andrea Hassler
Location: Hayman Burn Area, CO
Date: June 2011
Caption: Taking Cross-Sections in a 16-ft deep Ephemeral Gulley in the Hayman Burn Area, Colorado  
  Name: Nell Campbell
Location: Namib Desert, Namibia
Date: June 2006
Caption: Desert morning after a light rain
  Name: Kristen Kaczynski
Location: Hallowell Park, Rocky Mountain National Park
Date: Summer 2011
Caption: Staminate (male) catkins on willow (Salix monticola)
Kelly Hopping   Sarah Blakeslee   Christa Fettig
Name: Kelly Hopping
Location: Nam Tso, Tibet
Date: January 2012
Caption: Interviewing nomads with fancy fox fur hats
  Name: Sarah Blakeslee
Location: Line Creek Natural Area - Beartooth Plateau, MT
Date: July 2011
Caption: Alpine Acrobatics. Who says research is all work? My co-researchers Libby and Jill take time to enjoy the gorgeous scenery at our study site.
  Name: Christa Fettig
Location: Cascade, MT
Date: July 2010
Caption: Bee with common mullein