FRSES 2013 - Photo Contest

2013 Photo Contest Winners

Best Overall Best Study Organism
kelly Sarah
Name: Kelly Hopping
Location: Nam Tso, Tibet
Date: August, 2012
Caption: Hanging prayer flags on the hill above my experiment.
  Name: Sarah Westrick
Location: Dr. Ghalambor's Lab
Date: November 2012
Caption: This is Pickles, a pike cichlid guppy predator in the lab.
Best Research-in-Action Best Landscape
apryle caroline
Name: Apryle Craig
Location: Rocky Mountain National Park, CO
Date: July 2012
Caption: Weighing In: Field technician, Shelley Spear, weighs a western jumping mouse.
  Name: Caroline Melle
Location: Imnavait Creek, Alaska (near Toolik Lake Research Station)
Date: June 2010
Caption: A long walk down the boardwalk through the arctic tundra.

More 2013 Photo Contest Entries:

ann   carlyn   julia
Name: Ann Raiho
Location: Rocky Mountain National Park, CO
Date: March 2012
Caption: I'm keeping the elk from squirming during the sampling and collaring process. Collaring elk helps the National Park Service keep track of movement and mortality.
  Name: Carlyn Perovich
Location: Rocky Mountain National Park, CO
Date: July 2012
Caption: The East Inlet of Rocky Mountain National Park is particularly green after a much needed thunderstorm.
  Name: Julia Hicks
Location: Tiritiri Matangi, New Zealand
Date: September 2012
Caption: Tui on Karo.
tim   amanda   kevin
Name: Tim Assal
Location: Tolhuaca National Park, Chile
Date: March 2012
Caption: After keeping a keen watch on our field crew, this loquacious tree iguana (Liolaemus spp.) finally quipped: Qu ests mirando?
  Name: Amanda West
Location: Fraser Experimental Forest, CO
Date: July 2012
Caption: Long day on the mountain... measuring trees... returning to base camp to be welcomed by a rainbow... priceless.
  Name: Kevin Blecha
Location: Ayers Natural Bridge Park, WY
Date: May 2012
Caption: Violet-green Swallow swooping over the creek
ashley     matt
Name: Ashley Gramza
Location: Off Mount Sanitas Trail in Boulder, CO
Date: August 2011
Caption: A GPS-collared mountain lion prowls the wildland-urban interface west of Boulder .
  Name: Arren Allegretti
Location: Oslob, Philippines
Date: June 2012
Caption: This is a whaleshark "begging" for krill as locals feed and lure it to the tourists. These whale sharks don't need to follow the krill anymore- they are now supplied with krill from tour.
  Name: Matt Luizza
Location: Bale Mountains National Park, Ethiopia
Date: December 2012
Caption: Endangered Encounter (Mountain Nyala).
christa   Nell   Kristen Kaczynski
Name: Christa Fettig
Location: Yellowstone National Park, Wyoming
Date: July 2012
Caption: An afternoon with thermophilic cyanobacteria at the Grand Prismatic Spring in Yellowstone National Park.  
  Name: John McGreevy
Location: Layaye, Haiti
Date: January 2010
Caption: A rural Haitian child who enjoyed following me as I went from village to village performing research on the cycle of deforestation and poverty in Haiti. While he does not know what the words on his shirt mean, he represents the international connection of humans and the environment.
  Name: Erica Goad
Location: Livermore, Colorado, United States
Date: July 2012
Caption: This photo of a moose and her calf was taken by one of my remotely-triggered wildlife cameras for a study that investigates the impact of exurban development on wildlife.
elsie   david   Christa Fettig
Name: Elsie Denton
Location: Puyehue, Chile
Date: January 2012
Caption: Only seven months after the Chilean volcano Puyehue exploded spectacularly and caught international attention I stood on its slopes with other researchers as we hashed out a plan of action for surveying what little life remained. Dead trees stood all around us and ash was still falling from the sky and it felt like we'd stepped into a scene from Cormac McCarthy's The Road.
  Name: David Scott
Location: Rio Pinos, South San Juan Wilderness, CO
Date: July 2012
Caption: Mortality from a spruce beetle outbreak sheds light on plot #RIOP-022A and a vibrant understory plant community.
  Name: Sam Dunn
Location: The Glacial Lakes Ecosystem Experiment Site, WY
Date: July 2012
Caption: Gas sampling in a high alpine wetland.
  megan   sara
Name: Cristina McKernan
Location: Glacier National Park, MT
Date: July 2012
Caption: View of Cracker Lake from the top Mt. Siyeh on the way to survey sites.
  Name: Megan Matonis
Location: Uncompahgre Plateau, CO
Date: 2012
Caption: Old-growth foresters in their element: Dr. Binkley & Dr. Romme "ecologizing" on the Uncompahgre Plateau.
  Name: Sara Bombaci
Location: Dolores River, CO
Date: September 2008
Caption: Sunset on Dolores River, Tamarisk recruitment research project.
sasha   jesse   derek
Name: Sasha Victor
Location: Piceance Basin, CO
Date: October 2012
Caption: The crisp October air and bluebird skies were perfect for a day collecting soil in the Piceance Basin of northwestern Colorado.
  Name: Jesse Gray
Location: Konza Prairie, Kansas
Date: July 2012
Caption: Creeping through the tallgrass and ticks, searching for seeds that the dry summer never beckoned.
  Name: Derek Uhey
Location: Big Gypsum Valley, CO
Date: June 2012
Caption: Looking down at our research site along the Dolores River.
katie   clare   derek
Name: Katie Renwick
Location: Rocky Mountain National Park, CO
Date: July 2012
Caption: A fresh dusting of snow coats mountain tops after a late summer storm in the Rockies.
  Name: Clare O'Connor-Seville
Location: West Turkshead Peak, San Juan Mountains, CO
Date: June 2012
Caption: Catching bees with a butterfly net.
  Name: Matt Wilkins
Location:Boulder County, CO
Date: August 2012
Caption: Adult barn swallow feeding nestlings.
    Name: Erin Borgman
Location: San Luis Valley, CO
Date: July 2012
Caption: Setting up camp overlooking the Sangre de Cristos as a storm brews.