FRSES 2014 - Photo Contest

2014 Photo Contest Winners

Best Overall Best Study Organism
Kelly Adam
Name: Kelly Hopping
Location: Namtso, Tibet
Date: August 2013
Caption: A yak near my grazing and climate change experiment doesn't want to budge
  Name: Adam Dillon
Location: Santa Cruz Island, California
Date: June 2013
Caption: Lazy Sunday on Santa Cruz Island
Best Research-in-Action Best Landscape
Aaron Rachel
Name: Aaron Sidder
Location: Grand County, CO
Date: July 2013
Caption: GDPE'er Tony Vorster dunks his head in St. Louis Creek to cool down after a long day of hiking and sampling at Fraser Experimental Forest
  Name: Rachel Harrington
Location: Mount Sneffels Wilderness, CO
Date: July 2013
Caption: Looking down onto a chain of alpine lakes from atop Blue Lakes Pass

More 2014 Photo Contest Entries:

Alison   Carolina   Amanda
Name: Alison Cartwright
Location: Estes Park, CO
Date: November 2013
Caption: Longs Peak, Rocky Mountain National Park
  TBA Carolina Gutierrez
Location: Killpecker Creek, Colorado
Date: August 2013
Caption: The river lullaby: Sampling aquatic invertebrates while my toddler son Samuel naps on my back
  Name: Amanda West
Location: Fern Lake Fire, Rocky Mountain National Park, Colorado
Date: June 2013
Caption: Sometimes a random, georeferenced point yields an unplanned perspective of your study site!
Andrea   Deanna   Arren
Name: Andrea Borkenhagen
Location: Northern Alberta, Canada
Date: June 2013
Caption: Carnivorous sundew tantalizing its prey in a boreal peatland
  Name: Deanna Cox
Location: Under a microscope at Dr. Diana Wall's Soil Biodiversity and Ecosystem Functioning Laboratory, Fort Collins, CO
Date: March 2013
Caption: Research in Action - An agar petri dish teems with the microscopic Antarctic nematode Panagrolaimus davidi. Adult females surround their eggs after a successful reproductive cycle.
  Name: Arren Allegretti
Location: Tubbataha Reefs, Philippines
Date: April 2012
Caption: A box fish entertains us as it munches on coral that we are sampling!
Benjamin   Jennifer   Cooper
Name: Benjamin Joseph
Location: Doubtful Sound, Fiordland, New Zealand
Date: July 2013
Caption: Boat tour of conservation lands
  Name: Jennifer Jennings
Location: Munnar,Kerala, India
Date: January 2013
Caption: Taking the scenic route through the tea plantations on the way to my field site
  Name: Cooper Farr
Location: Boulder County, CO
Date: August 2013
Caption: A mule deer utilizing the protected open space in a local conservation development subdivision
Dale   Jesse   Jeremy
Name: Dale Broder
Location: Chaco Wash, San Juan River Delta, Utah
Date: August 2012
Caption: Pit tagging a channel catfish
  Name: Jesse Grey
Location: Konza Prairie, KS
Date: June 2013
Caption: Schrankia nuttallii on the Konza Prairie
  Name: Jeremy Dertien
Location: Donnelly Training Area, Fort Wainwright, Alaska
Date: July 2013
Caption: Programming camera traps is a little more difficult in the rain and sleet!
Johanna   Jessica   Joshua
Name: Johanna Jensen
Location: Pikes Peak National Forest
Date: June 2014
Caption: A top Pikes Peak: Not a bad view ...for an office ;). My dog, Penny, my field partner, Bekah, and I spent a lot of time climbing that ridge to our field site - and what a beautiful reward! It's not often you get to call your office space a beautiful valley in the Pikes Peak National Forest!
  Name: Jessica Brauch
Location: Piceance Basin, SW of Meeker Colorado
Date: August 2013
Caption: Juvenile Greater Sage-Grouse (Centrocercus urophasianus), captured with a net gun in the Parachute-Piceance-Roan near Meeker Colorado. Screenshot photo taken with head mounted Hero 3 Go-Pro Camera.
  Name: Joshua Horton
Location: Cuzco, Peru
Date: November 2012
Caption: I know my chops are tasty!
Keith   Sara   Matt
Name: Keith Post
Location: Central Plains Experimental Range, CO
Date: August 2012
Caption: Catching grasshoppers on the prairie
  Name: Sara Simonson
Location: Rocky Mountain National Park, Fern Lake Fire Area
Date: August 2013
Caption: Graduate student researcher Amanda West maps a patch of the non-native plant Canada thistle, in an area that was affected by the 2012-2013 Fern Lake Fire.
  Name: Matt Haworth
Location: Fountain Creek, Colorado
Date: August 2013
Caption: A flood event in Fountain Creek, south of Colorado Springs, CO, transports more that just sediment
Melissa   Sasha   Michael
Name: Melissa Haeffner
Location: Baja California Sur, Mexico
Date: July 2013
Caption: Yuridia Davis, Local student trained to conduct household surveys on drought and adaptation
  Name: Sasha Victor
Location: Piceance Creek Basin, Colorado
Date: April 2013
Caption: Endemic to the Piceance Creek Basin of western Colorado, Physaria congesta is a Threatened forb that grows in barren, white shale outcroppings in a 10 square mile area. Research is currently being conducted to explore the efficacy of establishing new populations with an ultimate goal of providing a means of population expansion and delisting.
  Name: Michael Koontz
Location: Niwot Ridge, CO
Date: May 2012
Caption: A snow buttercup, Ranunculus adoneus, emerges through the May snowpack on Niwot Ridge, CO. In the background, infrared heaters suspended over vegetation monitoring plots accelerate snowmelt and heat the soil, simulating projected climate warming in the year 2100.
Richie   Shifra   Stacy
Name: Richie Hum
Location: Old Fort Lewis in Hesperus, Colorado
Date: July 2013
Caption: Ipomopsis aggregata
  Name: Shifra Goldenberg
Location: Samburu National Reserve, Kenya
Date: July 2013
Caption: A young bull named Omtata explores the carcass of one of Samburu's last old matriarchs, Victoria.
  Name: Stacy Endriss
Location: Olympic National Park, Washington
Date: May 2013
Caption: Ariolimax columbianus, commonly known as the banana slug, scrounging for food.
Tessa   Tim   Zach
Name: Tessa Behnke
Location: Espanola Island, Galapagos, Ecuador
Date: May 2013
Caption: Mating Dance of the Waved Albatross
  Name: Timpthy Fegel
Location: Rocky Mountain National Park
Date: September 2013
Caption: Lake Husted Northern RMNP
  Name: Zach Dufault
Location: Glade Park, Colorado
Date: July 2013
Caption: Working for Colorado Parks and Wildlife - Testing Water Chemistry in a lake on private property. Golden Trout were going to be stalked if conditions were adequate.

  Name: Zachary Butler
Location: San Juan National Forest, Colorado
Date: June 2013
Caption: The rocky outcrops of our study site from the East Fork of Hermosa Creek