FRSES 2015 - Photo Contest

2015 Photo Contest Winners

1st place 2nd place
Lani Megan
Name: Lani Stinson (CSU)
Location: Cathedral Bluffs, Piceance Basin, Colorado
Date: May 2014
Caption: Even a mid-May snowstorm couldn't keep us from getting to our most remote point count stations.
  Name: Megan Matonis (CSU)
Location: Heil Valley Ranch, Boulder County
Date:October 2014
Caption: The flames of forest restoration
3rd place
Name: Tim Fegel (CSU)
Location: United States
Date: September 2014
Caption: Iron oxidizing bacteria & archaea at the outflow of the Other One Rock Glacier

More 2015 Photo Contest Entries:

Anna   Andrew   Anthony
Name: Anna Mangan
Location: Hotchkiss, CO
Date: June 2014
Caption: Young grapes growing in the Colorado sunshine
  Name: Andrew Felton
Location: the Konza Prairie Biological Station
Date: June 2014
Caption: Taking a break from species composition at the Konza Prairie
  Name: Anthony Francher
David   Chandra   Dhaval
Name: David Markman
Location: University of Maryland
Caption: Pink Rose butterfly (Pachliopta kotzebuea) freshly emerged from chrysalis during pollination study. Native to the Philippines.
  Name: Chandra Fowler
Location: Archuleta County, Colorado
Caption: Flor de Los Muertos: Study Site 1
  Name: Dhaval Vyas
Location: Fort Collins, CO
Date: January 2015
Caption: Microscopic image of a larval parasitoid wasp (Cotesia rubecula) with sharp scleritized mandibles used to kill competing larvae.
Emily   Elizabeth   Gordon
Name: Emily Kuzmick
Location: Maricopa, Arizona
Date: July 2014
Caption: A male zebra-tailed lizard (Callisaurus draconoides) extends its dewlap as a display of dominance at a native site in Maricopa, AZ.
  Name: Elizabeth Ertl
Location: Trumbull, Colorado
Date: July 2014
Caption: Getting up close and personal with spider milkweed
  Name: Gordon Kersten
Location: East of Leadville, CO
Date: June 2014
Caption: Shrub growing amidst abandoned mine at elevation of 11,000 feet
Isabella   Megan   Jennifer
Name: Isabella Olesky
Location: Under a laboratory microscope at the University of Michigan
Date: April 2014
Caption: Daphnia magna & Daphnia dentifera are two model organisms used in the disease ecology laboratory at my previous job in Meghan Duffy;s lab. These aquatic water fleas are great for laboratory experimentation. Additionally, their sensitivity to changes in the water and their transparent exoskeleton make daphnia an ideal indicator species of environmental change.
  Name: Megan Vahsen
Location: Chihuahuan Desert, TX
Date: June 2013
Caption: Ariocarpus fissuratus: Living amongst the dead
  Name: Jennifer Timmer
Location: NW of Craig, CO
Date: June 2014
Caption: Field work can be lonely without a helper
Jesse   Sasha   Jessica
Name: Jesse Gray
Location: Konza Prairie, Kansas
Caption: The Smith Lab sets out in the early evening to find suitable plot locations for new studies
  Name: Sasha Victor
Location: Alkali Flats, Piceance Basin, Colorado
Date: October 2014
Caption: Seeding Threatened Physaria in Colorado's Piceance Basin.Following nearly a year of legal battles students from CSU's Restoration Ecology Lab seeded both Physaria obcordata and Physaria congesta in unoccupied sites in the Piceance Basin.
  Name: Jessica Brauch
Location: Roan Plateau, Colorado
Date: February 2014
Caption: Sage-grouse crossing sign on the Roan Plateau, Divide Road.
Kelly   Lauren   Magda
Name: Kelly Williams
Caption: Flying pig
  Name: Lauren Baur
Location: Theodore Roosevelt National Park, ND
Date: June 2014
Caption: Mustang stallion returning to his band after sparring with a rival stallion
  Name: Magda Garbowski
Location: Waverly, Colorado
Date: July 2014
Caption: Two bees
Nadje   Sharif   Robert
Name: Nadje Najar
Location: Fort Davis National Historic Site, Texas
Date: May 2014
  Name: Sharif Durzi
Location: East Campus, University of Colorado at Boulder
Date: July 2014
Caption: Fuzzy Frantic Fanners
  Name: Robert Griffin-Nolan
Location: Konza Prairie, KS
Date: September 2014
Caption: Bison not caring about whether we want to measure
Shelley   Theresa   Stacy
Name: Shelley Spear
Location: Rocky Mountain National Park
Date: August 2014
Caption: Hummingbird Moth
  Name: Theresa Barosh
Location: Colorado State University, Plant Sciences Lab
Date: August 2014
Caption: The GALL of that midge!
  Name: Stacy Endriss
Location: Montpellier, France
Date: May 2014
Caption: A species of specialist noctuid caterpillars (Cucullia verbasci) chows down on its preferred host, common mullein (Verbascum thapsus)
Trace   Travis  
Name: Trace Martyn
Location: Sheep Mountain, WY
Date: August 2013
Caption: An emerging cicada one year after the Sheep Mountain burn in July 2012 (approximately 30 miles west of Laramie, WY). We were scouting for sampling locations when we happened upon a burnt hillside that had over a dozen of these emerging cicadas.
  Name: Travis Gallo
Location: Piceance Basin, Rio Blanco County, Colorado
Date: June 2014
Caption: Choices